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Special Rebates and Programs

From our dealers and current owners, to eligible new customers looking to join the Lincoln family during this time of need - we're here for you. We're Built to Lend a Hand.

How can West Coast Lincoln support current vehicle owners?

  • Our Service Department is open and we have staff performing vehicle service to keep our customers vehicles on the road
  • Our Parts Department is open and we have staff ensuring that the necessary vehicle parts and accessories are available and being delivered
  • Our Sales and Finance Departments are open and we have staff available to answer questions and provide guidance on options regarding payment deferrals on their current automotive loan
  • Our Sales and Finance Departments are open and we have staff available to assist in the purchase of a new or used vehicle with manufacturer specific incentives and programs to help.
West Coast Lincoln has adjusted our pricing on new vehicles to help reduce customer stress and make it easy for you to move forward with your vehicle purchase at this time.
Current Lincoln Financial Services Customers looking to defer their vehicle payments CLICK HERE

Lincoln Canada's Program - The Lincoln Way

Lincoln has three separate programs that can be combined to support our customers during this time:

  1. First 3 Monthly Payments Deferred
    • To provide additional certainty and relief to our customers, Lincoln Financial Services will be deferring the first three monthly payments (for eligible new Lincoln vehicles purchased during the program period).
    • In combination with the "Lincoln Way" Customer Cash program, this program has the ability to extend the customer's actual first required payment out to 6-months from the time of vehicle delivery.
  2. "The Lincoln Way" Customer Cash
    • Lincoln will provide customers with the equivalent of their first three monthly payments in Customer Cash on eligible new Lincoln vehicles that are purchased/leased, or factory ordered during the program period.
    • While the Customer Cash is intended to cover a customer's first three monthly payments, we understand that different customers have different needs. By providing as a Customer Cash incentive, customers have the option of using the money toward their first three monthly payments, or using it for other needs.
  3. Offsite Delivery
    • Our third "Built to Lend a Hand" initiative addresses the need to assist customers that are diligently adhering to self-isolation practices, and staying home
    • In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians have been encouraged to adopt self-isolation practices and to limit non-essential community activities. Our goal is to lend a hand to these customers and, whenever and wherever possible, and provide them with remote options to make their situations easier (on-line purchase mechanisms, pickup and delivery, etc.)
    • West Coast Lincoln has a process in place where a majority of the purchase can be completed electronically and the vehicle can be delivered directly to our customers full of fuel, cleaned and sanitized.